Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Olympic Trip to New Look...

Howdy Scrumy-chums, how are you?

I went to New Look today, (I love that shop, don't you?!) There were a ton of accessories that got me in such a good mood for the olympics and I thought since the #olympics is trending on Twitter it would be good to publish this post  now.

Cheap as chips! Union Jack Bandeau- £3.99

Mix and Match! Skinny Chiffon Fashion Scarf- £3.99

Pricey but Perfect! Union Jack Clutch- £39.99

Glamorous Olympic Goddess eat your heart out! Grey and Silver Union Jack False Nails- £5.99

So, what are you doing for the olympics? Will you be purchasing any olympic inspired accessories?

Let me know Scrum-chums!


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