Tuesday, 18 September 2012

This blog is officially closed!!! http://trulicious-fashionbeautylife.blogspot.co.uk/ CHECK OUT THE NEW ONE!!!

Hey everyone!!! So, I told a lie! Don't hurt me(;

After thinking it through I decided to design a completely new blog!! So, go on get over there! I hope you like it!

FYI: This blog will NOT be deleted!! All posts will remain!!!

Here it is>>>> http://trulicious-fashionbeautylife.blogspot.co.uk/

Saturday, 15 September 2012

See you SOON!xo

Hey blogging world. Sorry I've been away for a while. I won't go into to detail. I'm writing this post to say  'cya soon' as I am going to get this blog started again. This blog isnt as personal as I'd like it to be so I'm starting fresh. I'm not making a new blog or anything like that but I am removing the posts and changing the layout. All posts will return on the new blog but they will be more personal. As right now I feel like I'm selling you a story, a note, a post that just doesn't show me for the person I am. I will see you very soon with a new lease of life and I hope you will be there to join me! Thank you, Lulu,xoxo<3

Friday, 31 August 2012

Absolutely Aesthetically Autumn

Hello my little angels!

Ladies and gentleman, it's SHOWTIME!
Here's what to wear for those special, autumn occassions!


Too Devine to Dine

Going out for dinner at your favourite restaurant?
This lush claret mini dress with button detailing will make sure all eyes are on you before you even sit to dine, it's almost too devine to go to dinner in!

Want a closer look? Subscribe! Pictures of the dress in all its glory are coming soon!
Close ups of the natural photo coming soon including jewellery and makeup shots!
Fair Lady of Autumn
Going to a 'royal' evening event? Go for elegantly beautiful with this gorgeous ball gown.
The floral embroidery is just magnificent!
Want a closer look? Subscribe! Pictures of the dress in all its glory are coming soon!
Maybe you want to know how to create the masquerade makeup look... Go ahead and request below for a tutorial!
Make up look inspired by FablesinFashion!
BEWARE- She's a Beautiful Heartbreaker
Get ready for a night out on the town, it's time to wow that date you are seeking to impress!
Wondering what nail varnish to wear with these looks? Subscribe! Pictures coming soon!
I hope you like the Absolutely Aesthetically Autumn Collection! I'm open to requests, feedback and any questions you might have so fire away!
Love you all! I'm off to put together the next post, including the jewels, outfits and makeup looks shown above! Like I said, don't be afraid; ask me anything!
These will also be put on FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE& TWITTER: @TrulieH97 !
All photos above belong to Trulicious & EmmaBModelling. Hair, makeup, styling, scene set up, photography is all of own. and all items included belong to me also. EmmaBModelling is the only other party allowed to use this in any way she chooses. Thank you x

Thursday, 30 August 2012

I'm so Excited to Reveal the Fashion Editorial later!

Hello my little lovelies, sorry I've been away for a while but, I have been working hard just for you! If you are a fan on my facebook page you will know that the Trulicious blog has a stunning new model; Emma!

I've known Emma since we were both just little beings in nursery and good golly has she turned into a real beauty! She's in the same year and we both attend the same secondary/high school, but she's got me beat with her to-die-for waistline and lush red locks!

Emma posing for her own photo.

So, on to the most exciting news of all... on Tuesday Emma came to my humble abode for the very first photoshoot and although we were both had a case of the heebie jeebies; first day 'on the job' and all that, I believe we had great fun and we certainly want to go ahead and do more more photoshoots soon!

It was great fun selecting the outfits and setting up the different scenes and doing hair and makeup, then watching Emma pose with all the different looks, in the scenes with me bouncing everywhere capturing shots from every angle possible and directing Emma, telling her to do this to help make my 'vision' a reality!

Boy, she's a brilliant model, she takes direction extremely well and even does things without being directed, infact my favourite shot is my favourite because of the way Emma took in my direction- not what I was expecting, but better and blooming marvellous!!!

Can you tell I'm excited yet?! Stick around, because the three shots chosen for the final fashion editorial are coming soon along side closeups of makeup, nails, jewelry and outfits!
All will be here and facebook and twitter at 1pm! Shortly after it will also be on youtube! Hope you like it! xoxo

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sorry it's late: What I wore in An Autumn Days Work- Lookbook

Hey beautiful, so unfortunately summer's coming to a close, but, fortunately, hello new wardrobe!
Teal Blazer: internationale £12 
Navy Sweatshirt: Hollister
Teal Jeans: Primark £16
shoes: Primark £8
Cardigan: Laura Scott
I've had the capri pants for a while but you can get a similar pair here
*So sorry the video messed up I posted the proper clip earlier*
Cardigan: 'Miso' in Republic
Dress: Bank
Scarf: River Island
Shirt: 'Generation' in New Look
Skinny fit Trousers: Topshop
Want to know what jewelry to wear with these outfits? Subscribe! The post is coming soon!


Sunday, 19 August 2012

An Autumn Day's Work!

El Oh! How are you all?

Soo, unfortunately summer is almost over *Allow me a minute to sob* but, it's not all bad! Time to mix up that wardrobe!

It's time to throw your best bikini to the side a grab that snug, little jumper! That is, if you are 'chill-axing'... Otherwise it's back to school, sixth-form, the office- well don't jump to far into formality, it's okay to do the casual look at school too!

This is also my entry for the Dolly Bow Bow Contest!
Will you be wishing me luck?

Lulu, MWA

Friday, 17 August 2012

You have Liver Disease and Diabetes?!

Hello, hello, hello!

Heading away from the world of beauty for a mo'...

Why not check out my video?!
Although, if you don't like mushy, sad rubbish just ignore this(: