Sunday, 5 August 2012

The 3-month 'Bio-oil' challenge!!!

Howdy chummies! Ok, time to get a little personal... (Don't be dirty(;)

I don't know if you know but I had terrible acne, (yucky), between the ages 11 to 13. This was brought on by another factor in my life but I'll explain that at a later date if you wish. Anyway, my acne has left me with a LOT of scarring...

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This effects my confidence heaps and I having been looking high and low; in the shops; in the doctors and I have tried almost every cream you could ever find... No luck, they're stubborn little markings! I wish to have dermabrasion but I have to be sixteen to do so... ):

So, I continue my search for a miraculous beauty product! Somehow or other I heard of 'Bio-oil' and I read that it helps reduce scars, stretch marks and so forth... I wasn't sure whether it would do anything for me because it isn't specifically made for the face so I turned to our trusty friend google and asked the little search engine: "Does Bio-oil help reduce acne scars?" The top result was one from the Yahoo Q&A site and someone had answered, "Yes it does, I tried it myself, but you have to be consistant!" I thought, well, if it worked for them it should work for me, right?!

I let my mum know and we decided to buy some at boots, (£8.99).  When I got home I read on the bottle that it must be used for 3 months at least!

Now, I'd like YOU to join me on my journey and see if this seemingly amazing product works like it says it does and if you wish you can try it too!!!
 The trial will start tomorrow at 8am and I will do shots of my progress each week for three months.
Look out for the full review in detail, with pictures on the sixth of November when the course is finished! Who knows we may be impressed!

Are you going to join me on my journey? Or are you testing out your own beauty product?

Love, Lulu

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