Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Exciting news!!!

*New Camera*

Hello fellow Chummies!
As many of you may have realised the quality of the photos shown in this blog are, let's face it, pants quality! But...have no fear my new camera's here!!!

Yes. It's my birthday very soon but we are off on a little holiday so it would be of great use to have the camera for our holiday snaps! So, as an early present, my lovely mummy and daddy have decided that I am allowed to start using it now! *happy dance* :D

Therefore, you can look forward to more photos and videos!!! Now, there's no point in making videos and writing posts if you think it's garbage so it would be great to have some feedback on what posts, or/and videos YOU would like to see!! So go ahead, comment below and I PROMISE to do as many as possible!!!<3

Hope you are all having a faboo summer!!


1 comment:

  1. Hey Trulie, we are glad that you are looking forward to using your new camera. We are sure that you will be a success with your future blogs. Come on everybody give this young lady something to work on and let's see what she can do!