Thursday, 30 August 2012

I'm so Excited to Reveal the Fashion Editorial later!

Hello my little lovelies, sorry I've been away for a while but, I have been working hard just for you! If you are a fan on my facebook page you will know that the Trulicious blog has a stunning new model; Emma!

I've known Emma since we were both just little beings in nursery and good golly has she turned into a real beauty! She's in the same year and we both attend the same secondary/high school, but she's got me beat with her to-die-for waistline and lush red locks!

Emma posing for her own photo.

So, on to the most exciting news of all... on Tuesday Emma came to my humble abode for the very first photoshoot and although we were both had a case of the heebie jeebies; first day 'on the job' and all that, I believe we had great fun and we certainly want to go ahead and do more more photoshoots soon!

It was great fun selecting the outfits and setting up the different scenes and doing hair and makeup, then watching Emma pose with all the different looks, in the scenes with me bouncing everywhere capturing shots from every angle possible and directing Emma, telling her to do this to help make my 'vision' a reality!

Boy, she's a brilliant model, she takes direction extremely well and even does things without being directed, infact my favourite shot is my favourite because of the way Emma took in my direction- not what I was expecting, but better and blooming marvellous!!!

Can you tell I'm excited yet?! Stick around, because the three shots chosen for the final fashion editorial are coming soon along side closeups of makeup, nails, jewelry and outfits!
All will be here and facebook and twitter at 1pm! Shortly after it will also be on youtube! Hope you like it! xoxo

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