Thursday, 9 August 2012

July Empties! First post using my new camera!

Howdy chummies!

So, I had a little clear out and I found a few empties that I thought I'd show you!

*Want to read about what I think? All you need to know is below this video.*

Getting straight to the point, first I have RIMMEL LONDON's CLEAR COMPLEXION Clarifying powder in shade 021 Transparent:

I love the simplicity of the packaging, especially the pastel mint green tin, but, let's get to it. This product as you can see isn't actually empty but it's broken so I'll be getting rid of it now.
I promise I have purchased the exact same one before  though so this little review is as accurate as I can be I think. So to start off, the fact that this is my second tin really says something about it, doesn't it? On the tin it says "Pure and shine finish for up to five hours." Yes, I can confirm it does just that!
I love this product, I'm not particularly picky when it comes to powders, for example, this one says in a little box ''+NATURAL MINERALS" but, that isn't why I decided to get it, it's just a bonus!Anyway, I personally feel that this really just finishes off any look over my liquid foundation, (Featured below). So, I shall definitely be getting some more!

Next, I have another foundation, but, this is MAYBELLINE NEW YORK's Dream Satin Liquid Foundation.

 I use this product everyday and it lasts for about 4-6 months I'd say. Which is good as I don't have the money to buy it every week or so, although, I just checked online in and it's only £7.99 in boots whereas I think it was about £8.11 when I bought it in tesco's!
If you've seen the video you'll know this is my personal favourite and I always use this, but, only because of it's air-brushed effect that hides pores and scars but I have quite bad scarring so i need a miracle but this keeps me going and best of all, I'm confident going out with this foundation on, otherwise, I just want to hide! So yes, I will be buying this again, but, I would probably reccommend something lighter on the skin if you don't suffer with acne scars and such.

Now I have an empty bottle of my haircare must have! 'Batiste' Dry Shampoo.

I live for this product, as I said in the video, it is perfect for that quick, little pick-me-up! I don't know what else to say! It's just marvellous! I especially like this "clean & classic original" one because I just think it smells the best out of the current "Batiste" collection!

Moving swiftly on, I have a bit of a disappointment, which is the DOVE ''go fresh'', anti-perspirant roll on.

 This is quite an old product because I just stopped using it and, I can't tell if it's all used up because of the packaging but I thought i'd include it to let you know of this let down.
At first I thought it smelt quite nice, but, now I think it just smells awful! Plus, it dried out so fast in the tube thingymabob! I don't sweat very much anyway, unless I'm doing some "proper" exercise and this just doesn't work anyway. Instead I think it makes your under arms sticky! Yuck.

Ok, so with that rant over... I have just three items left so bear with me.

Next on the list is just a quicky. It's Charlie's Bodyspray in 'Touch'.

I don't have much to say apart from it's a nice fragrance, but nothing special really.

Now, another of my faves is HOLLISTER's 'Crystal Cove' Bodymist.

I love the smell of this and the label is just so pretty and summery! For some reason if I'm running out the door and I don't already have a 'smelly' on I just whip this out and spray, spray, spray, (even on my clothes and my bag as well)!

Finally, I have Clean&Clear's 'advantage' spot treatment gel:

Now, I already have a full review on this, HERE, but I just wanted to add if it doesn't already say in the review; Johnson&Johnson, who make this amazing product claim that this gel acts immediately, helps reduce spots and helps keep them away *with daily usage, of course. I can honestly say that I truly belive they have a right to claim as I didn't get spots until this little baby ran out and I am very picky when it comes to spot treatment as I suffered with spots from 11-13 years old.
Right, well, I'm off to the shops to get some me thinks, but first I have a tea tree one I'm testing out so look out for that review/empty!

Hope this has helped you out with some of your beauty decisions! Why don't you let me know what you think of these products, or, maybe you can suggest some replacements for me? I love to try some new products!

Have a lovely weekend,

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